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Balloon Modelling Supplies

Balloon modelling is one of those crafts that's equally enjoyable whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional. The tactile nature of these long, thin balloons, combined with the funny squeaking noises and the distinct possibility that the balloon could burst at any minute, means that beginners can have lots of fun; even if their first few creations are barely recognisable!

For more serious balloon modellers (or "Balloon Twisters" as they are commonly called) there's no shortage of craft shops that can provide balloon modelling supplies. As well as needing a constant supply of colourful new balloons, anyone who's tasked with the job of creating dozens of balloon models every hour will need sturdy air pumps and a good supply of permanent, latex-friendly felt-tip markers.

In the same way that most people associate Origami with a yellow crane, balloon modelling often conjures up memories of balloon dogs or hats. There are of course, thousands of more complex balloon structures than these – and balloon modelling shops will be able to point you in the direction of instructional manuals and even DVDs that can guide you through the various techniques.