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There are thousands of shops in the UK that sell basic arts and craft supplies - and the best way to find stores near you is to use our location page.

If you're looking for something a little more unique however, we've categorised the nation's craft suppliers via their specialism below. So if you're in need of a particular jewellery bead or a highly specialist tool to finish your latest stone carving - start your search by choosing the most appropriate category below.

Balloon Modelling Icon
Balloon Modelling

Balloon modelling is equally enjoyable whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional. Find shops selling balloon modelling supplies here.

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Bookbinding Icon

There are several bookbinding shops operating in the UK that can provide all the materials and paraphernalia you need.

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Cake Decorating Icon
Cake Decorating

Cutters, brushes, stencils and turntables are all available from these cake decorating shops.

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Calligraphy Icon

Whatever your skill or confidence, any craft shop that sell calligraphy supplies should be able to point you in the right direction.

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Candle Making Icon
Candle Making

There's no shortage of shops selling candles supplies. Find some of the best ones here.

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Card Making Icon
Card Making

Interest in amateur card making has seen an explosion in recent years. Find shops selling card supplies here.

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Children's Arts & Crafts Icon
Children's Arts & Crafts

There's no better way to get your child's creative juices flowing than by giving them an arts and crafts kit.

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Doll Making Icon
Doll Making

Doll making supplies are now easier to find than ever before, as you can see from this selection of craft shops.

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Dressmaking Icon

Dressmaking is as popular as ever and there are plenty of shops selling dressmaking supplies.

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Engraving Icon

The traditional craft of engraving is a fun and tactile craft that can be enjoyed by all ages and skills.

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Face Painting Icon
Face Painting

There's an extraordinary number of face painting supplies available and the shops listed on this page stock them all.

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Flower Pressing Icon
Flower Pressing

Flower pressing doesn't require specialist equipment although it won't be long before you want to invest in your own flower press.

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Haberdashery Icon

The sheer number of haberdashery shops shows how popular sewing and knitting still are.

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Jewellery Making Icon
Jewellery Making

Whatever jewellery you're trying to make, the craft shops listed on this page can help.

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Knitting & Sewing Icon
Knitting & Sewing

Far from being a dying craft, knitting has suddenly become trendy! Find shops selling knitting supplies here.

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Origami Icon

Origami has been around for centuries and this ensures there's no shortage of shops selling origami supplies.

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Painting Icon

Whether you prefer oil, water colour or acrylic paint, the shops listed on this page can supply them all.

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Papermaking Icon

Paper is the staple material for many crafts - and is the essential component for origami, flower pressing, and printmaking.

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Pottery Icon

As one of the more expensive craft hobbies, pottery supplies can be costly. Find shops offering good prices here.

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Printmaking Icon

Your preferred style of printmaking will dramatically effect what kind of printmaking supplies you need. Find stockists of all kinds here.

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Scrapbooking Icon

As scrapbooking continues to garner interest, the number of shops selling scrapbooks and other accessories is growing too.

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Soap Making Icon
Soap Making

Rather like cosmetic and candle making, the possibilities for making your own particular kind of soap is limitless.

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Stone Carving Icon
Stone Carving

Find shops selling stone carving tools such as chisels, hammers and files here.

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Woodwork Icon

Mallets, chisels, gouges and saws are all available from our recommended woodwork shops here.

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