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Woodwork Supplies

Just like stone, wood is one of the most abundant materials on the planet. Whilst forests need constant re-planting to protect supplies, there’s a great choice of different timber for wood carvers to create their works of art. Anyone can get started on the hobby quite easily and cheaply with a few basic tools bought from a shop specialising in woodwork supplies.

Many carved wooden objects will be made from different woods to enhance their appearance, or give strength in certain areas. Chestnut, walnut and mahogany are favourite carving woods, whilst apple, pear or plum are used to obtain better detailing or decoration. Popular hand tools consist of a mallet and a selection of chisels, gouges, carving knives and saws, all available from a great variety of UK based woodwork supplies shops.

Most of these shops also sell a selection of power tools to help furniture or toy makers create their works of art; routers, jigsaws, drills, planers and lathes are the most common ones and all of them assist the maker to achieve the right shapes and angles they want. Whilst it may sound as if these tools can be bought from the local DIY store, an amateur woodworker will normally need more specialist and lightweight equipment that can be sourced from a specialist woodwork supplies shop.

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