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Knitting & Sewing Supplies

Far from being a dying craft, knitting has suddenly become trendy! Celebrity fans such as Madonna and Kirstie Allsop have certainly done their bit to being this craft back into the mainstream. The main credit for the knitting Renaissance however, must go to Debbie Stoller's coining of the Stitch ’n’ Bitch movement that encourages knitting fans to meet in local groups to enjoy the timeless activities of knitting and gossiping. One of the many outcomes of this, is that there are now more craft shops than ever before selling excellent ranges of knitting, sewing and needlework supplies.

In the UK, knitting, sewing and embroidery fit perfectly into the growing green movement as more people backlash against a wasteful, throwaway society. For many people too, the most tactile activity they get all day is tapping away at a computer keyboard - and knitting & sewing is a great way to remedy this.

The other great thing about this craft is that knitting and sewing supplies don't have to cost a fortune. Knitting needles, wools and a beginner's pattern book is anyone needs to make a start with their knitting career - and it won't take long to discover that knitting is huge on the internet with countless forums, newsletters and blogs dedicated to spreading interest in this craft.

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