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Rubber Stamp Making Supplies

Many adults can vividly remember making their own stamps as kids. Even if they were made of potato and a bit mushy by the end of a session, stamping provided the perfect opportunity to get a bit mucky whilst producing art out of the most mundane of household objects. This can quickly move onto foam stamp making (which provides an even greater opportunity for causing havoc) and then things move into rubber, acrylic and even digital stamping.

Although there are plenty of businesses that can convert your drawings or artwork into immaculate rubber stamps that can last for thousands of impressions, there's something about old fashioned hands-on rubber stamp making that still appeals to many. In terms of stamp making supplies, almost every craft shop will have the basics. In fact, you make already have most of the basics in your kitchen cupboards or garage shelves! None of these will quite live up to the professional equipment that is designed specifically for stamping - which is why we're looking for rubber stamp suppliers to add their details to this page.