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Soap Making Supplies

Rather like cosmetic and candle making, the possibilities for making your own soap is limitless. The success of the popular High Street chain, Lush, illustrates just how much of an appetite there is for funky, high quality soap - not only for luxury presents but for everyday use too. Whilst it's possible to make soap without having to buy lots of soap making supplies, there are plenty of retailers that sell ingredients, packaging and instructional books and DVDs.

Undoubedly the most sought after soap making supplies are essential oils and moulds. These have such a large effect on the appearance and smell of your soap that it's hard to cut corners with these items. Next up are the luxury items that can turn a plain old bar of soap into something highly peronalised. Flower petals, cosmetic glitter, herbs and vegetable butter can all used to add a certain pizzazz to your creative. Luckily there's plenty of shops selling soap making supplies so these items are never hard to track down.

Novices or younger members of the family may benefit from buying one of the many soap making kits that can be found in most craft shops. These kits provide the perfect introduction to soap making - and may even inspire a love of arts and crafts that lasts a lifetime.