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Stone Carving Supplies

Stone carving as an art form has been carried on by civilisations over thousands of years. With the rudimentary tools that were available to these early carvers compared to the modern equivalents, itís amazing to see the detail and accuracy that could be achieved. Whilst a professional stone carver will have had many years of experience and failures, an amateur stone carver now has far more tools and types of stone on which to practise this self satisfying hobby; and stone carving supplies are available from specialist shops all around the UK.

Softer stones like soapstone, pumice or chalk are great for beginners, and with a basic selection of stone carving tools like chisels, hammers and files, it doesnít take long to work out all of the basic techniques for successful stone carving. Once a sculptor has the bug, the skyís the limit with the number and sophistication of power tools available to achieve the desired results. Diamond cutting discs, tungsten carbide burrs and pneumatic grinders are particularly good stone carving products for tackling the hardest of stones.

Shops selling stone carving supplies will have specialist staff to advise customers on the suitability of just about every tool or type of stone, and customers can always find a selection of books or DVDs that cover the subject in great depth. Stone carving is a hobby that can be tackled by almost anyone, and providing you have the time and the right protective clothing and goggles, like a painting, itís always a joy to see the finished piece.

Alec Tiranti