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Engraving Supplies

Whilst historically, engraving was used mainly as a reproduction technique for commercial and artistic printmaking, this traditional craft is still used for thousands of applications today, perhaps most famously for sports trophies and jewellery.

Machines have largely taken over the role of engraver, although various items like guns and musical instruments are still engraved by hand today. Whilst we wouldn't recommend that you let yourself loose on an expensive item of gold or silver straightaway, there are plenty of engraving kits and supplies available for amateur engravers who want to learn this traditional and tactile craft.

In terms of engraving supplies, you can expect to spend anything from pocket money to fortunes! Whether you're looking to learn glass, metal or wood engraving, you shouldn't have too much trouble tracking down specialist engraving retailers that can supply not just the hardware, but practice materials and instructional books and DVDs too. Many craft shops will also sell engraving supplies geared towards younger audiences. These kits provide a fun introduction to the craft, often by letting children practice by engraving their favourite film or TV character.