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Printmaking Supplies

When you consider that modern digital printing can replicate artwork at an unprecedented rate and low cost, people may sometimes wonder why traditional printmaking is still around at all. This rather presumes of course, that perfect digital replication is always best. Apart from the enjoyable, tactile nature of manual printmaking, the wonderfully imperfect and unique results from techniques like screen printing can help produce artwork that has real personality.

Your preferred style of printmaking will dramatically effect what kind of printmaking supplies you need. Hardware for something like lithographic printing is out of reach of most individuals' budgets, but a wide range of papers and inks can be found in many of the nation's craft shops. There are even some specialist printmaking shops that sell nothing but printmaking supplies!

Much like the use of film by photographers, or vinyl by DJs, printmaking by hand has a certain charm and quality that just isn't there with the digital alternatives. The ironic thing is that the more people spend their lives online, the more these traditional, tactile crafts come into their own. For the retailers selling printmaking supplies, this can only be a good thing.